Welded steel plate dryer cylinder

Welded steel plate dryer cylinder


AP-Tela Oy designs and manufactures high quality dryer cylinders of steel by welding.

This is an alternative solution for the traditional cast iron dryer cylinder. The dryer cylinder has straight head construction which eliminates temperature fluctuations at the edges, thereby ensuring uniform temperature right up to the end. Stronger than the cast iron, the steel plate makes the use of a thinner shell construction possible. This improves heat transfer efficiency and reaction ability.

Less allowance has to be made for machining losses, while time-consuming rough machining and porosity inspections, or repairs, are avoided as a result of homogeneous steel plate in the construction of the drying cylinder and due to the dimensional accuracy of steel. The result in the end is a uniform quality standard and reasonable investment costs. Furthermore, there is considerably less need for balancing compared to an equivalent cast iron cylinder.

Thanks to the dense structure of steel, outstanding surface smoothness is achieved which improves heat transfer and prevents dirt from sticking.